Sunday, February 25, 2007

I don't know why like the formula one.
I think I started to love it when I was young girl and my brother didn't let to watch the cartoon because he wanted to see the races. So I need to sit down I watch the cars. Then I disn't like that.
But later when I watched it every weekend I started to love one New Pilot. He was Jenson Button.
He was a beginner and I don't know why loved him.
1990 saw Jenson win the British Cadet Kart Championship, taking five wins and the following year won again.He also won in 1992 in the British Junior Kart Championship. He raced in other championships and also in the formula three in 1999.
Jenson Button was revelation of the 2000 season. Jumping from Formula Three into a top Grand Prix team. This team was the Bmw Williams.

Monday, February 19, 2007

So Jensen Button.
He is a British pilot. He's birthplace is Frome, Somerset. His birthdate is 1980. January, 19.
He started the race when he was 8 years old and winner after winner he will be a formula 1 pilot.
Hehe. It's not so simple but I'm too tired and I think I will follow it tomorrow. But he is so cute and so good racer that I Think he will win a lot of Race on the next season that will began in march. I'm so exciting. New car, new rules and new everything. As usually.
But really I will write more information tomarrow.Really. After the lesson.
good night.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hi everybody

My name is Barbara JoĆ³ and this will be my blog. I will try to create an interesting blog.
But I'm not good in the computer use. Even so I will try to informate you about the Formula 1.
My favorite racer is Jensen Button.
So I will write from him.
I know it is not a girl theme but i love the formula 1 and the exciting race and the fast car. :)